Updates on COVID-19 for Fairfax County

July 2021

7/20/2021 — Funding Available for Tenants and Landlords Through Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Read the details.

7/20/2021 — Health Department, Fire and Rescue Partner on Homebound Vaccine Program. Read about the partnership.

7/13/2021 — Fairfax County Health Department Creates Video for Residents to Share to Get More People Vaccinated. Watch the video.

7/13/2021 — Adolescents Ages 12-18 Urged to Get Vaccinated By July 19; FCPS to Host COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics. Read the details.

7/6/2021 — Slowing Vaccination Uptake, Rise of Variants May Impact Drop in COVID-19 Cases. Read the warning.

7/6/2021 — Fairfax Health District COVID-19 Vaccination Status. Read the numbers.

June 2021

6/29/2021 — Fairfax County Offers Eviction Prevention Information and Data Tools. See what’s available.

6/29/2021 — Fairfax County Presents Stimulus Funding Update. See the presentation.

6/22/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Offers Mental Wellness Consultations this Summer. Read the details.

6/22/2021 — Northern Virginia Honored the More Than 2,300 Local Lives Lost to COVID-19. Watch the video.

6/15/2021 — Fairfax County Offers $25 Million in PIVOT Grants for COVID-19 Impacted Businesses to Support Recovery. Read about the program.

6/15/2021 — Government Center COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic to Offer Walk-in Hours; Closed Friday, 6/18 in Observance of Juneteenth. Read the release.

6/8/2021 — Lost Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card? Here’s How to Get a Copy of Your Record. Read the information.

6/8/2021 — June 9 Virtual Remembrance Ceremony for Northern Virginia COVID-19 Victims. Read the announcement.

6/1/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools: What Will In-Person Learning Look Like? View Flyer.

6/1/2021 — Fairfax County Offers Guidance As Pool Season Begins, Know the Latest COVID-19 And Other Healthy Swimming Reminders. Read the guidance.

May 2021

5/25/2021 — Fairfax County Health District, the Health Department has launched an updated version of its COVID-19 vaccination dashboard. Read the details.

5/25/2021 — Fairfax County Helping Households Stay Connected to the Internet During COVID-19. Read the guidelines.

5/18/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Provides COVID-19 Vaccinations for Ages 12 and Up; Register Online. Learn more.

5/18/2021 — Fairfax County Provides Resources for Eviction. Visit the webpage.

5/11/2021 — Fairfax County and COVID-19 Vaccine for 12- to 15-Year-Old Children. Read the information.

5/11/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Shares Limited Virtual Program for 2021-22 School Year. Read the announcement.

5/4/2021 — Make It Happen. Move Forward. New Northern Virginia COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Begins. Read the details.

5/4/2021 — Phase 2 Vaccine FAQs: Second Doses. Read the answers.

April 2021

4/27/2021 — Phase 2 Vaccine FAQs: Finding Appointments in VaccineFinder and VAMS. Read the information.

4/27/2021 — FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand Presented “Returning Strong—Spring, Summer, and Fall” to School Board. View the presentation.

4/20/2021 — New Vaccine Scheduling Process Began April 18; All People Age 16+ Eligible for a Vaccine in Phase 2. Read the details.

4/20/2021 — Moving Toward Food Security: How to Get Help From and Donate to Local Food Pantries. Read the guidance.

4/13/2021 — Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Will Not Be Administered Until Further Notice. Read the announcement.

4/13/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Offers “COVID-19 Vaccines and the Vaccination Process in Fairfax County: A Webinar for Families.” Read the specifics.

4/6/2021 — Vaccine Registration Now Open for Some Frontline Essential Workers in Phase 1c. Read the details.

4/6/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Widens Opportunities for In-Person Instruction Throughout April. Read the announcement.

March 2021

3/30/2021 — Vaccination Registration Now Open in Fairfax County for All of Phase 1b. Read the details.

3/30/2021 — Fairfax County Offers Guidance on Contacting the Health Department About COVID-19. Read the guidance.

3/23/2021 — Fairfax County to Hire Approximately 250 Vaccinators to work at its COVID-19 vaccination sites as supply ramps up. Read the details and apply.

3/23/2021 — The Foundation for Fairfax County Public Schools Offers Teacher Grants in response to the myriad challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the guidelines and apply here.

3/16/2021 — Fairfax County Landlords: Apply for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program For Your Tenants. Read the details.

3/16/2021 — Select Private Health Care Providers to Offer COVID-19 Vaccine. Read the announcement.

3/9/2021 — Fairfax County Lists More Vaccine Registration FAQs: Supply Update, Choosing a Vaccine, State System and More. Read the post.

3/9/2021 — Need Help Getting to Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment? View Several Transportation Options.

3/2/2021 — Fairfax County Explains What You Need to Know About Free Vaccine, Health Insurance and Admin Fees. Read the information.

3/2/2021 — Fairfax County Outlines What You Need to Know About the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine. Read the article.

February 2021

2/23/2021 — Fairfax Health District Not Participating in Statewide COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System At This Time. Read the announcement.

2/23/2021 — Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine Registration. Read this Fairfax-specific information.

2/16/2021 — What You Need to Know When You Get Vaccinated AND After You Get Vaccinated. Read the article.

2/16/2021 — Fairfax Connector Passengers Reminded of Federal Face Mask Mandate on Buses, at Transit Hubs. Read the details.

2/9/2021 — Suicide Prevention During COVID-19: Warning Signs of Suicide. Read the guidance.

2/9/2021 — Fairfax Health District is Hiring For Pandemic Response Efforts. Read the information.

2/2/2021 — Fairfax County School Board Unanimously Supports Superintendent’s Plan to Bring All Students Back into Schools By Mid-March. Read the announcement.

2/2/2021 — INOVA Announces Covid-19 2nd Dose Cancellation Error that Occurred February 2. The website also includes a variety of information about COVID-19 and vaccination. Visit the website.

January 2021

1/26/2021 — Older Adults and the COVID-19 Vaccine in Fairfax. Read the information.

1/26/2021 — COVID-19 Vaccine and Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions, Part 2. Read the release.

1/19/2021 — Fairfax County Outlines Vaccine and Vaccination Frequently Asked Questions, Part 1. Read the release.

1/19/2021 — First FCPS employees eligible to receive vaccinations against COVID-19 were inoculated at the Inova Center for Personalized Medicine. Watch the video.

1/12/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Announces COVID-19 vaccine will be available to ALL FCPS employees as a part of the 1B group of other essential workers. Learn more.

1/12/2021 — Vaccinations Now Underway for Eligible 1B Populations. Read the information.

1/5/2021 — What You Need to Know About the First COVID-19 Vaccinations in Fairfax County. Read the information.

1/5/2021 — Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent to Discuss Return to In-Person Instruction Plans at Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, January 6. Learn more.

December 2020

12/29/2020 — Fairfax County Health Department Receives First Shipment of COVID-19 Vaccine. Read the update.

12/29/2020 — Podcast: County Executive Discusses COVID-19 Vaccine, Social Justice and Police Reform. Read or listen to what Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill had to say.

12/22/2020 — Fairfax County Offers Assistance from a Distance – Help for Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and/or Developmental Disabilities During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read about services offered.

12/22/2020 — Fairfax County Describes What to Expect When It’s Your Turn to Get Vaccinated. Read the article.

12/15/2020 — Need Help Paying Your Fairfax Water Bill? Apply for Assistance By Dec. 30. Read the details.

12/15/2020 — Know the Benefits of Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine. Read the benefits.

12/8/2020 — Fairfax County Lists 6 Ways to Manage Mental Health During COVID-19. Read the article.

12/8/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools Deploys Safety Teams to Monitor COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies. Read the announcement.

12/1/2020 — Fairfax County Provides Guidance for Funerals, Memorials and Dealing with Grief During COVID-19. Read the information.

12/1/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools Seeks Classroom Monitors and Substitute Teachers During Virtual Learning Period. Read the details.

November 2020

11/24/2020 — FCPS Returns Group 4 Students to All Virtual Instruction. Read the announcement.

11/24/2020 — 6 Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccination Plans. Read the update.

11/17/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools Delays Return of Group 5 Cohort. Read the announcement.

11/17/2020 — Video: Update on COVID-19 in Our Community and Key Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season. Watch the video.

11/10/2020 — Evictions on Hold Through Dec. 31; Resources Available for Residents. Read the details.

11/10/2020 — FCPS Receives $200K Grant from No Kid Hungry. Read the announcement.

11/3/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools Post Video of Bus Boarding Procedures During COVID-19. Watch the video.

11/3/2020 — Fairfax County is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases as Virginia hits a new high. Review the dashboard.

October 2020

10/27/2020 — Teens and Young Adults Can Enroll in Free E-Cigarette Quit Program. COVID-19 attacks the lungs and there is growing evidence that vaping can harm lung health overall. Read about the program.

10/27/2020 — Fairfax County Gives Businesses More Tools to Operate Through the COVID-19 Pandemic. Read the details.

10/20/2020 — How to Vote Safely During the Pandemic. Read the guidance.

10/20/2020 — Fairfax County Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Planning Underway. Read the update.

10/13/2020 — FCPS Begins Gradual Return to In-Person Instruction. Read the information.

10/13/2020 — Equitable Access to COVID-19 Testing Available in the Fairfax Health District. Read the details.

10/6/2020 — Fairfax County Discourages Traditional Trick-or-Treating for Halloween; Safe Alternatives Available. Read the guidance.

10/6/2020 — Inova Provides COVID-19 Testing Update. Read the update.

September 2020

9/29/2020 — Donations Needed to Support Fairfax County Nonprofits Who Help Individuals Experiencing Homelessness. Read what is needed.

9/29/2020 — Six Things to Know about the COVID-19 Response Today in Fairfax County. Read the article.

9/22/2020 — Sewing Center Volunteer Opportunities Available to Help Make Masks. Read the details.

9/22/2020 — What to Know if You or a Family Member Is Returning Home from a Campus COVID-19 Outbreak. Read the advice.

9/15/2020 — How to Submit Documents When Applying for Food, Financial and Medical Assistance. Read the article.

9/15/2020 — Board of Supervisors Approves Additional $12 Million for Fairfax RISE Grant Program. Read the details.

9/8/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools’ (FCPS) free breakfast and lunch program for ALL FCPS students is being extended through December 31, ensuring that students have access to nutritious food during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

9/8/2020 –Video from Fairfax County: Staying the Course to Slow the Spread of COVID-19. Watch the video.

9/1/2020 — FCPS Superintendent Scott Brabrand will host Return to School Town Hall on Wednesday, September 2 at 6:00 p.m. More information is at Town Hall.

9/1/2020 — Fairfax County Lifts Up Concern that Vaping Raises Risk of COVID-19 Complications in Teenagers. Learn more here.

August 2020

8/25/2020 — FCPS Launches New Parent Technology Help Desk, Readies Students and Families for Virtual Learning. Learn about it here.

8/25/2020 — Fairfax County Offers Guidance on Managing Stress and Promoting Positive Mental Health During COVID-19 Quarantine. Read the details.

8/18/2020 — Fairfax County Offers Guidance on “When – and How – Can You Safely Visit Grandparents and Older Adults?” Read the guidance.

8/18/2020 — Fairfax County Announces New “Supporting Return to School” (SRS) Program to Bolster Virtual Learning. Read the details.

8/11/2020 — Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board Provides Tips for Parents and Caregivers during COVID-19. Read the guidance.

8/11/2020 — Fairfax County Provides Additional Resources to Find Rent Help Resources. Visit resource page.

8/4/2020 — 3 Ways Small Businesses Can Seek COVID-19 Assistance. Read the article.

8/4/2020 — Cleaning Supplies and Children’s Face Coverings Donations Still Needed. Read the details.

July 2020

7/28/2020 — Coronavirus Update – Food Resources: For Those in Need, and How to Contribute. Access the links here.

7/28/2020 — Help Still Wanted: Recruitment of Contact Tracing Staff Continues. Read the announcement.

7/21/2020 — FCPS Will Begin School Year September 8 Virtually. Read the announcement.

7/21/2020 — Fairfax County Encourages Face Coverings to Save Lives and Keep COVID-19 Case Numbers Down. Read the information.

7/14/2020 — Fairfax County Resident Resource Guide provides information for those needing assistance in a variety of areas (legal, financial, food, childcare, …). View or download the Guide.

7/14/2020 — Several Fairfax County Facilities to Provide In-Person Services in Phase Three. Read the release.

7/7/2020 — Fairfax County Public Schools Extends Enrollment Deadline to July 15; Superintendent to Propose Starting School Year September 8. Read the release.

7/7/2020 — Beginning Monday, July 13, Fairfax County Public Library is gearing up for a limited service reopening of library branches. Read the details.

June 2020

6/30/2020 — Notable New State Laws Affecting Fairfax County Effective July 1, 2020. Read the list.

6/30/2020 — Fairfax County Reduces Penalties for Late Car and Real Estate Tax Payments. Read the article.

6/23/2020 — Fairfax County to Make Temporary Shelter Available During COVID-19. Read the details about eligibility and contact information.

6/23/2020 — Fairfax County Shares Information to Protect Your Tenant Rights during COVID-19. Read the announcement.

6/16/2020 — More Park Facilities Opening Under Phase Two Guidelines. Read the details.

6/16/2020 — Reopening Schools Plan Presented to Fairfax County School Board. Read about factors considered.

6/9/2020 — Fairfax RISE COVID-19 Small Business and Nonprofit Relief Grant Fund offers financial assistance to small businesses and nonprofits adversely affected by the Coronavirus shutdowns. Time sensitive information available here.

6/9/2020 — Health Department Rapid Response Teams: Stopping the Spread in Our Most Vulnerable Communities. Read here.

6/2/2020 — Inside Health Department Contact Investigations (And What You Should Know If You’re Contacted). Fairfax County Contact Investigation Efforts.

6/2/2020 — Summer Concerts and Independence Day Celebrations Canceled in July. Read the update.

May 2020

5/26/2020 — Fairfax County Summer Camps, Rec-PAC, SACC Cancelled. Read the details.

5/26/2020 — Parks, Pools and School Facility Status Recap from Fairfax County Parks Authority. Visit Recap.

5/19/2020 — Fairfax Connector Passengers Now Required to Wear Face Coverings. Read details here.

5/19/2020 — Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing in Fairfax County.

5/12/2020 — COVID-19 Case Data for Fairfax Health District. Case Data Dashboard.

5/10/2020 — Northern Virginia Localities Urge Governor to Set Regional Targets for Reopening. Detailed information is here.

5/5/2020 — The Fairfax County Health Department has revamped and expanded the data it reports in its online COVID-19 dashboard

5/5/2020 — Coronavirus Update – Message from the Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools. Read message here.

APRIL 2020

4/28/2020 — Fairfax County provides information on Public Health COVID-19 testing. Information and testing locations.

4/28/2020 — FCPS has created a Parent Resource Center that includes workshops, consultations, and other guidance. You can also call (703-204-3941) and email (prc@fcps.eadu). They are open M-F 8am-4pm.

4/21/2020 — Coronavirus (COVID-19): Health Care Options for the Uninsured. View the list.

4/21/2020 — Housing Assistance & Information Resources for Northern Virginians: https://beyer.house.gov/uploadedfiles/housing_assistance.pdf

4/14/2020 — Fairfax County Announces Small Business Recovery MicroLoan Fund. In addition, the Fairfax County BEOC (Business Emergency Operations Council) has created a dashboard to facilitate information sharing among the business community.

4/13/2020 — Fairfax County COVID-19 Health Alert Toolkit Hits Mailboxes. Read more.

4/13/2020 — Beyer Releases Summary of Financial Support Available for Northern Virginians Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. Read here.

4/7/2020 — Fairfax County encourages residents to consider alternate means to celebrate religious observances. Visit website.

4/7/2020 — The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a one month extension for filing vehicle and business personal property taxes and paying the first installment of real estate taxes. Read more.

MARCH 2020

3/31/2020 — The Pantry at South Lakes High School is now collecting items at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Herndon. There will be a ‘no-contact’ collection on Mondays 2-4pm and Wednesdays 10am-noon. More information is at http://southlakesptsa.org/the-pantry/

3/31/2020 —  Legal Services of Northern Virginia (LSNV) is offering free legal advice to low-income, elderly, and disabled individuals and families in a number of areas including, unemployment claims, housing, evictions and foreclosures and protective orders. Flyer LSNV COVID 19 3-31-2020

3/30/2020 — The Arc of Northern Virginia offers a website with Coronavirus information and resources for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. https://www.coronavirus-thearcofva.org/

3/28/2020 — List of hours and information for chain stores in the area

3/26/2020 — Fairfax County announced the opening of three Inova Urgent Care respiratory illness clinic locations to help check the spread of coronavirus. Read the announcement.

3/26/2020 — Fairfax County Assistance from a Distance During COVID-19. Visit https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/covid19/assistance-distance to find out which government services are available by phone and online.

3/25/2020 — Fairfax County and Fairfax County Public Schools have worked together to develop a searchable map that includes community food distribution sites, including FCPS grab and go locations, community meal distribution sites, food pantries, and other related services. See schedule and locations.

3/24/2020 — YMCA of Metropolitan Washington will distribute produce at its Reston Location, 12196 Sunset Hills Road, on Wednesdays 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and Thursdays 9:00 a.m. to noon. You do not have to be a member of the Y. Bring your own bag. Learn more at YMCA Grocery Distribution.

3/23/2020 — Superintendent of Schools Scott Bradburn announced, “A short while ago, Governor Northam announced that all Virginia K-12 schools will be closed for the remainder of the academic year. I know this is very disappointing news but also an understandable decision considering the environment we are in as we all try to do our part to flatten the curve and contain the spread of the virus. Read more ….

3/23/2020Fairfax County Park Authority announced today that “With Fairfax County Park Authority playgrounds now closed, health officials also recommend refraining from playing on all playground equipment at this time, including community/neighborhood playgrounds. Read more ….

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